Babs, Bobby, Bruce…Say It Isn’t So!

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Now, I’m really worried about Donald Trump’s reelection. It seems the U.S. will lose Robert Deniro, Barbara Streisand, Cher, Tommy Lee, and possibly New Jersey’s Boss when Trump takes office a second time. What will we do without these cultural luminaries living here?

I love me a “Half Breed,” a Jewish lady making believe she is a Jewish boy, Travis Bickel. But I am stupefied by the narcissism it takes to make pronouncements like this. It’s as if anybody should care what these celebrities say or do beyond the art they make. As if what they say will have any cause and effect with voters. And lastly, as if they will keep true to their threat.

We already heard Lena Dunham, Jon Stewart, and others make this same claim of jumping off the continent when Trump got elected the first time. They are still with us, and I daresay Bruce will remain living as he was when originally Born in the USA.

I’m no dummy. I know how vital celebrity culture is here and abroad. I understand how hated Trump is here…and abroad. But, come on? Does Robert Deniro’s thoughts on Trump rates inclusion in the daily news sphere? I shouldn’t be surprised that it does, as what passes for news these days is just sad and mainly celebrity-fueled. But isn’t there a lot more important stuff going on than us having to hear what our most popular men or women have to say about their particular personal feelings?

So, bye-bye by Mr. D., Babs, The Boss, butt rose-tattoo beauty. We indeed have other things to worry about than you leaving our shores or thinking that we should care that you think we should care you might. I know you fear we will all suffer so much from your absence, but I can assure you will all be ok.



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