‘Grit’ Photo Exhibit Debuts Tonight at Newark Local Beer, Co.

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I love when I can post something, not only about our illustrious state but about somebody I know.

As you will see if you go to this post These Newarker’s Pics Got ‘Grit’: Photo Exhibit to Debut at Brewery | Newark, NJ News TAPinto, there are some wonderful NJerseyans involved in this event duet tonight in old Newark town. And I happen to have worked with one, Gary Sprengel, who is a pretty talented dude and surely proud of the state he makes his home, as well as the creative state of mind he always happens to be in (as opposed to the state of utter confusion I am always in). If you look across Gary’s Instagram page (see here) you’ll get a glimpse into his photography. Photography which will begins its display tonight, as I said, in Newark town, specifically as the article above indicated at the “Grit Gallery,” at Newark Local Beer (Home | Newark Local Beer Co.).

If one is from the area, a few towns over, or even if you want to fly in from your stately manor house in Barbados (where we all know the best stately manor houses happen to be) I would suggest getting to this soiree tonight, or at the very least coming to see this exhibit while it, well…exists.

As you also see from the picture of the event flyer I have posted above, there will be HipHop and Soul Vibez by Rev & Ream Supreme and a poetic interlude by Elliot Fant. So, beyond grabbing a brew, looking at some photos, and maybe buying a few, there are other creative acts happening tonight.

What a wonderful place to be to get your art on,



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