Catching Up With Some Of My Writings

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Don’t get all jelly (as the kids say) but I do place writing at other places other than this blog. (Quite frankly I have no idea who, if anybody at all, is reading this blog, so to apply some double negatives; nobody might not be getting all jelly anyway if nobody is reading this).

But, as I like to hear myself yammer even if I am just the proverbial tree in the forest, here are a few of my latest scribblings, published far and wide.

AI-Generated Erotica: Exploring Its Possibilities And Limitations – Future of Sex this is my latest article (adults only) on the FOS website. Not my first and hopefully not to be my last, this site deals with the future of…sex. See, how clever that all is?

My buddy Bruce Friedman who runs the Adult Site Broker company, and its attendant podcast (which I have now been on 3 times!) has a blog and Bruce welcomed this new piece from me on his blog for the site and podcast: Believe it or Not, There Are Strip Clubs Listed on the NASDAQ – Adult Site Broker

Again, adults only please.

I am back penning pieces for sexpertcom. Here is my new one (adults only): So, You Want To Write Dirty Words: 5 Tips On How To Start Your Naughty Scribbling (

And just a little new report (adults only): HUSTLER Magazine’s 2023 December Issue Available Today – EMMREPORT

And here’s a breezy little report about my recent spin through a PA Barnes with my illustrator for a signing of our various hardcover kid’s books: Another wonderful Barnes and Noble visit. (

So, there is some of what’s be happening in my crazy writing world. I thank everyone (save for the last since that was just me) for putting my pieces ‘up.’

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