Living The Beatles Legend: The Untold Story of Mal Evans by Kenneth Womack

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Not only is this 500+ page hardcover extraordinarily fascinating and can’t-put-it-down entertaining but the story of how the book came to be published reads like a detective story (which is related by Mal Evans’s son in the intro). So, one could easily say from start to finish, Living The Beatles Legend: The Untold Story of Mal Evans is pretty damn incredible.

I have never read an account of Beatles history this detailed and behind-the-scenes personal. But, Mal Evans was the Beatles’ long-time roadie, personal assistant, and devoted friend from just about the time the band broke into popularity after their lunch-time gigs at the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, throughout their early wild and often naughty world touring, through their startlingly productive and historic studio years, right up until the end. 

Working with full access to Evan’s unpublished archives, conducting new interviews, and working through the entire rich history of the ’60s as the Beatles came to change them, Kenneth Womack puts us in the action as Evans experienced it. Only Evans had this close access to John, Paul, George, and Ringo, and what we find out along the way in this book (and I won’t spill a morsel for you, super tasty as they all are) will blow you back on your heels…fab four fan or not. 

We are in good hands here with Womack telling Mal’s story, as Womack has published countless books about The Beatles and has a host of other music and cultural writing credits to his name. Brought to life from his care and expert handling of Evans’ diaries and notebooks (and we are promised by Evans’ son in the forward that there is more coming), Kenneth Womack has produced a truly fantastic read in Living The Beatles Legend: The Untold Story of Mal Evans.

I can’t say enough good things about this book. You need to buy it: here.

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