Gettin’ Juicy With It

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Juicy Bits: Erotic Stories of BDSM, Kink and Fetish an anthology of mild to wild erotica that I co-edited, is released today. Published by Parisian Phoenix Kink, here is a chock-full collection of near 200 pages, featuring “25 erotic stories of BDSM, kink and fetish. Almost a dozen authors, from established voices in erotica to newcomers, fresh new characters to characters from existing fiction universes, these tales move the reader through a safe and consensual fantasies of exhibitionism, voyeurism, role play, sado-masochism, submission/dominance, impact play (and more) in labeled stories that allow the reader to explore the topics that intrigue them while skipping those that might be uncomfortable. Either way, the book provides a controlled, private opportunity to see what turns you on without taking your clothes off.”

There are pictures and illustrations included in the book as well.

The book, which can be purchased at all the regular places like Amazon, or, (or you can ask your local bookseller to order it for you from Ingram) will see a launch party at the Easton Book Festival at Book & Puppet Company on the circle (22 Centre Square) in downtown Easton at 10 p.m., Oct. 20.

For those of you in the area.

The event will feature naughty live songs from yours truly, plus me giving forth a reading from my non-fiction writing book just released from this same publisher, Writing Dirty Words: The Not-So-Sexy Reality of Making a Living Writing (and the Occasional Crack of a Whip). Award-winning erotica author William Prystauk, who has a wild story in the antho, will be at the event reading as well…and we might even get a few words from our illustrious mastermind of Parisian, the wonderful Angel Ackerman, who edited Juicy Bits with me.

With National Kink Day, just passed on Oct 6th, and the surely sensuous All Hallow’s about to be upon us, what better time of year to enjoy our Juicy Bits: Erotic Stories of BDSM, Kink and Fetish 

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