Playing Ironbound Farm In Asbury New Jersey

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So, I got a new and upcoming gig.

The good folks at Ironbound Farm — home of Ironbound Hard Cider and New Ark Farms – have a wonderful spot, founded on the belief that businesses must take responsibility for the impact they have on the social, economic, and ecological well-being of their communities. To that end, Ironbound embraces the beauty, abundance, and diversity of our Garden State (see, I have been telling you N.J. is beautiful!) through their regenerative farming practices and hard cider production. In doing so, they have created a unique business model that fosters resiliency and viability for their network of growers, food producers, and customers.

And they book dudes like me to play!

The place really is super cool, expansive and nestled in a very cool spot not all that far off of Rte. 78 in the New Jersey Highlands, where the vistas can be quite amazing, really (see I have been telling you N.J. is beautiful!) It sits on 108-acres, is what is called a “transitional organic regenerative farm” where the crew manages vegetable crops, infusion plantings, and Ironbound’s extensive orchard of heritage cider apples. This orchard features some of the East Coast’s largest planting of Newark’s own Harrison apple — early America’s most renowned cider apple.

Because of the interconnectedness of Ironbound’s healthy and sustainable ecosystem fostered through soil-borne fertility, every living organism within their soil lives in a symbiotic relationship with the fruit trees, crops, and livestock on the farm.

Cool healthy science stuff, right?

Now, if you go here and look at the devilishly handsome guy holding the guitar looking to the side in his super cool singer/songwriter pose, you will come to realize how, if you are in the area in 4/30/2023 at 1-4, you will do yourself a world of good coming down to have some eats and imbibe, with my dulcet sounds surrounding you at such a wonderful setting.

Let the spring begin.

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