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Yeah, I live in Clifton, have since I was four. Wanna make something of it?

So, I am damn proud to make Clifton Merchant Magazine with my buddy, Joe Swarctz, the illustrator of our Echo City Capers children’s books series, in a mention the magazine gave us (see the pic).

Joe and I met in Clifton High School way back further than we’d like to say. And as you can learn from reading around our website or any bios on us in the Echo City Capers press or in the backs of our books, we not only became fast friends in school but played in bands together and Joe, who had been illustrating since he was a young Joe, and me writing, since I was a young Ralph, couldn’t but work on trying to create comics as well as take the first steps to making Nightbat and Echo City real entities.
As well as lay waste to the club scene in our Member’s Only Jackets and tucking our pants into our boots.

Oh yeah, it was a crazy time!

For reasons we still can’t fathom, Joe and I lost touch for 25 years later, but when we came together, it was as if no time had passed and Joe, having changed Nightbat around some, morphing our hero and Echo City for something more to the liking of younger readers and me with my now more skillful writing skills, set to create and publish the 16 books we have in five years.

You can find Clifton Merchant Magazine here:  Magazine in Clifton New Jersey | ( And I want to say a big thank you to them for giving Joe and me and mention.

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