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Spread the loveScurrying to my local Quick Check some mornings, I happen to pass by my local bakery on the trip down and back. In the afternoons, as I jump around Allwood, I sometimes have occasion to stop by one of the near Dunkins in my neighborhood (do you think maybe I spend too much…

Once Again, Here Come The ‘Unnecessaries’

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Spread the loveThrough any given day I am sure, just like me, you are faced with a wide range of ‘unnecessaries.’ From what people are protesting, to what actually rates as ‘news,’ as to any number or pronouncements a celebrity might make or posts they might put up that they deem important. So much of…

Saving Our Kids With A Curfew?

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Spread the loveNewark has just passed a curfew that anyone under the age of 18 in the city needs to be indoors by 11 pm. So, the crime perpetrated by and to youngsters…will just happen earlier and be better seen. It’s nice to think that this part of the statement released by the powers-that-be about…