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Naughtiness At The Portal…But, Is Anybody Surprised?

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Spread the loveHaving just come back from the Ireland side of things, I can tell you, it was getting a good amount of attention, as much as it was seemingly just a place where people were congregating. But as one had to expect, some “inappropriate behavior” occurred at “The Portals,” a mere week after it…

Brian Tarquin & Heavy Friends’ “Beyond the Warrior’s Eyes” Music Video w/ Jean Luc Ponty! Album Tops Fusion Charts, Top 4 Jam Band!   

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Spread the loveA lot is going on in the Brian Tarquin & Heavy Friends’ camp with their album, “Beyond The Warrior’s Eyes,” which is being played now on over 100 radio stations. This includes a new A.I. music video with Jean Luc Ponty, Florida media visits from Brian’s band, and radio chartings. Distributed by Downtown…