Bill Bixby, Magician…Oh Yeah, and Actor

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How cool is this mother-fer?

Today in 1934 Bill Bixby was born. Known for acting in such seminal shows as My Favorite Martian and The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, and The Incredible Hulk, for me Bixby will also stand as the ultimate cool 70’s swinging magician, as he starred in the show The Magician as Anthony “Tony” Blake, “a professional stage magician who used his skills to solve crimes and help the helpless.”

You know, like all magicians doo.

I recall the show’s tag line opening stating that Bixby, an amateur magician himself, performed all of the show’s illusions without any trick photography. As an amateur (very amateur) magician at the time the show aired from 1973-to 1974, I was freaking riveted! Between the Spirit airplane, where the magician lives in the first season, to taking residence in L.A.’s infamous Magic Castle later on, knowing that Mark Wilson, who I also adored, was the technical advisor on the show, and all the hip 70’s cool adventuring, I ate this show up as much as I did Planet of the Apes, The Immortal and my beloved Trek repeats.

Jesus, what a great time for T.V!

See a video of the opening and hear the fantastic Tony Terran Piccolo trumpet solo below. And tip a glass to B.B.


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