Bruce Springsteen Just Doesn’t Know His Strength

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Never let it be said that Bruce Springsteen is not in good shape. If you have ever seen N.J.’s favorite musical son live (yeah yeah, I know we have Bon Jovi and Sinatra to brag about, but Bruce is “The Boss” live!) you will wrastle with the guy and his band through a long show, and no doubt take notice of the amazing physical shape Springsteen is in. He actually upped his workout routine and revealed a buffer Bruce way back around the time of his “Born In The U.S.A.” album and tour. I recall seeing a rail thin Bruce at MSG in 1978, the first time I ever saw the guy, but he’s kept rather fit through the later years of his career. So, it should come as no surprise that when the guy tosses his Telecaster to a tech off at the side of the stage, as Bruce often dies, that the guitar sails through the air with some sure velocity.

It seems that at one of the early shows of Bruce and his E Street Band’s worldwide 2023 tour, which began just recently (earlier this month at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA, the second date of the tour) Bruce did his high-flying ax throwing act. In this instance, guitar tech Kevin Buell stumbled preparing to catch the guitar, as it slipped through his hands to hit him on the head. Unsure footing, Bruce lobbing with brute Bruce force, a heavy instrument, well…what do you expect might happen? Springsteen checked in the tech who was no worse for wear and the show progressed.

In Jersey we as much breed fantastic musicians as we do hearty strong ones. Round my home state, you need watch out for the wailing guitars, the street-honed lyrics, the big band marathon shows and rabid fans as you do the brute brawn of our music makers.

We are a hearty bunch.

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