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I just had the pleasure to bop my head and tap my feet (or is that bop my feat and tap my head) to the infectiously driving (or is that drivingly infectious) UK pop-punker band, Chasing The Fall’s “The Weekend.” On board here are Andy, Alex, Phil and Becki, a quartet that has played all over their UK home environs as well as can boast fans from over on our shores, with concentrations in Seattle and London. Highly musical, with a solid grasp of not only good songwriting, but harmonies, I am not sure you can avoid Chasing The Fall’s tunes once you hear them.

Let’s face it, in the current musical marketplace, one gets inundated by bands all the time. There is lots to listen to, plenty more to pass by (depending on your tastes) and quite frankly for an old guy like me, plenty that does not make the grade. Chasing The Fall beats the odds I feel, with a tri-level attack of musicianship, a true singular sense of purpose, and damn good songs.

What more could anybody ask for?

Here is the Linktree to all the band’s socials: chasingthefall | Instagram, Facebook, TikTok | Linktree. Go and find them and tell them I sent you.

Good stuff indeed!

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