Chris Ianuzzi: Distant Suns/Wide Side two-sided single

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Spacey blips flow into a synth-led danceable beat, with vocals making more music than they do an actual statement on the first tune of NYC-composer Chris Ianuzzi’s new double single. This tune, “Distant Suns,” keeps up with its blurring, plastic-pulling video-game sounds, and swirling vocals throughout its mid-tempo four-minute + mélange.

We are into a distinctive synth arpeggio with more scary synth flips and sparkles sailing in on the second track, “Wild Side.” It takes about a minute and a half until Ianuzzi finds an actual song here. Again, he throws some spoken word vocals slightly further back into the mix with an occasion-roiling bass hit. For most of this song, we are in what could arguably be called electronica, but then we get the nice surprise of a sweet melody about four minutes in. Ianuzzi provides some great (and I mean great!) synth leading, although it’s all too short as we are back into the beat and vocalizing that never really goes anyplace, I’m afraid. He should have paid attention to the strong synth line/melody that he birthed at that four-minute mark and gone off from there.

Ianuzzi calls these two his “Apocolyse Cloud Long Songs,” and I guess that’s as good as any description of these two heavy-ladened spacey fun ditties.

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