Perfect Together: Luis Royo Exhibit with the music of Mitchel Johnson’s ‘Murder of Fireflies’ featured at The Erotic Heritage Museum

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Ok, slightly far afield from our comfy NJ environs, but sure-as-shootin’ one of the coolest places on the planet, Harry Mohney’s Erotic Heritage Museum, in Las Vegas, that venerable sex-positive two-floor, 24,000 square foot museum, featuring exhibits championing the wonders of erotic imagination, is featuring a new exhibit of art with music you just have to get your shapely little buns to!

Running until August of 2024, the new exhibit features the artwork of Luis Royo and his son Romulo. Luis Royo was born in 1954 in Olalla, Teruel, Spain, and started to exhibit his paintings in 1972. By 1980, he was publishing his comics in magazines like “1984,” “Rambla,” “El Víbora,” and “Heavy Metal.” Three years later, Royo shifted his focus to illustration—the area in which he would become most successful—publishing his fantasy-based artwork internationally, creating works for the US, Germany, and Great Britain, as well as book covers for such prestigious publishers as Tor Book, Berkley Books, Avon, Warner Books, and Batman Books. Magazines often used Luis Royo’s artwork to illustrate their covers, including U.S. magazines “Heavy Metal” and “National Lampoon” and European magazines “Cimoc, Cómic Art,” “Ere Comprime,” and “Total Metal.” During these years, he also began designing video cases, lending his talents to such iconic video game covers as “Game Over,” “Turbo Girl,” and “Navy Moves.” Luis’s son Romulo, is an artist in his own right.

Not ever doing anything by half’s (and the many times I have stopped in when I am in Las Vegas I’m always surprised what new goodies they have in store for my eyes, ears and…well, need I say more where the EHM stuff hits you?) the museum has paired the new Royo exhibit with the music of Salt Lake City-based composer/multi-instrumentalist/producer Mitchel Johnson, specifically two songs from his Murder of Fireflies electronica project. Johnson’s “Safe Words” and “Nocturnal Dysthymia,” provide the oh-so-sexy soundtrack to the new exhibit.

As the EHM Director Dr. Victoria Hartmann says, “We couldn’t be more excited to have Mitchel Johnson’s captivating musical style grace the magnificence of the Luis and Romulo Royo exhibit. His meticulous attention to detail in everything he does manifests into a unique and sensual sound that transfixes and transports the listener to another realm. His ‘Murder of Fireflies’ electronica project is a wonderful addition to the magic of the Royo style of artistry and the EHM’s efforts to make music a part of our exhibitions.”

You can find Murder of Fireflies here:


And the Erotic Heritage Museum at 3275 Sammy Davis Jr Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109 and here:

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