Zebra on Tour In The US 2024

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A band I adore, but ironically, have never seen (though I will make it a point to see them this time around) Zebra, are on their 2024 tour around the U.S.

Original members, Randy Jackson–lead vocalist, songwriter, and lead guitarist extraordinaire, Guy Gelso–playing drums, percussion, and singing backing vocals, and Felix Hanemann—bass, keyboards and singing backing vocals too, create a full prog orchestra-like blend, delivering like classic trios Rush and Emerson, Lake and Palmer…but oh-so-Zebra. The band has recorded a small cadre of albums spread out over the decades of their existence and as with these 2024 dates (two of which will be in New Jersey, see the picture above)

Here is the band’s official website: Home – The Door. I’d suggest catching them if you are in or around any of the U.S. cities where they are appearing.

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