Get Your Fentanyl Here

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Here’s the thing about our New Jersey malls…you never know what unique buys you are going to find. We are as much a mall culture as a diner one…and very proud of both. And now, here’s something else to be proud of, coming from one of our malls. Just yesterday, down at The Shops at Riverside in Hackensack, a relatively high-end grouping of shops that I have been to a time or two, police responded to a call of five ladies lying in the mall’s parking lot, overdosed on fentanyl. The cops revived all the ladies with CPR and Narcan; then, the ladies were taken to a nearby hospital.

Who knew they were now selling fentanyl down at the mall.

I am thinking the ladies, ages ranging between 29-41, probably scored the fentanyl at a pop-up kiosk, seeing as fentanyl is a new kind of product. For those not in the know, fentanyl is cheaper to make than heroin, quite a bit more powerful, and currently very popular among users (back in 2012, fentanyl was found in only 42 of more than 1,200 drug overdose deaths; seven years later, 75% of drug deaths in NJ were caused by the drug) you just know it will be a matter of time before we will see an actual brick and mortar store selling fentanyl at this very lovely mall.

Supply and demand, and all that.

Of course, there will be NJ laws to figure around, just like when the government legalized marijuana. But our great state will get this figured out, and in no time, we will have ladies (and men) falling out all over the place, keeping our men and women in blue busy and away from causing the mayhem the Black Lives Matter movement has been protesting about for so long.

Mall fentanyl selling; a win win for all of us, I think. 

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