Newark and Kailasa, Better Together?

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Not that Newark, New Jersey, hasn’t had its fair share of mayhem over the years…
At the beginning of 2023, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka invited the Hindu nation of Kailasa to Newark’s City Hall for a “cultural trade agreement.” The only thing is Kailasa does not exist. Sure, it has a website, but the supposed nation was created by the infamous scammer India fugitive and a man convicted and on the run from rape charges, Swami Nithyananda.
As most have been asking, nobody knows how this got to the point where the City Hall of Newark threw out their welcome. But papers were signed for an agreement between the actual city of Newark and the fake nation of Kailasa to become sister cities, only to be rescinded a few days later
In what might be the understatement of the year (so far, at least), City Councilman Luis Quintana was quoted as saying: “This is an oversight, cannot happen any longer.”
Oh, there might be more coming for the good people of Newark.
A further full statement from City Hall proclaimed: “Although this was a regrettable incident, the city of Newark remains committed to partnering with people from diverse cultures in order to enrich each other with connectivity, support, and mutual respect.”
Good for them.
Is this yet another one of those moments where the powers-that-be took a grandstanding big dump on themselves trying to do, what they felt was the ‘right thing,’ but in the end, made fools of themselves in their virtue signaling rush to judgment? Or did someone in City Hall simply forget to do a further deep dive Google search because everyone’s heart was in the right place and Newark needs all the good press it can get?
Whatever the reason, the result is the same…and honestly, you can’t write fiction this good.

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