Ken Fury: Plains of Inferno

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I’m not the kind of slug who promotes his own stuff all that often. I really hate that kind of hucksterism…hey, I got a blog/podcast/twatter account, let me tell you about me and when I am done telling you about me…hey, let me tell you about me again.

I try, try, try not to self promote.

So, here I am giving forth on a wonderful artist who is NOT me…

I’ve known Ken Fury for a while now, His stuff has always been great. His fifth album, Plains of Inferno is out and you have to get it.

‘Nuf said?


By the time you get to “When The Land Blows Dust,” three tunes in, the tribal beats and synth layering has fgot you hooked. I love this title tune, the spoken lyric, the desperation, and Fury using the history of his Nuevomexicano and Indigenous Genízaro descent (as he does plenty throughout the album) as touchstones.

“Through the Trees,” sees Fury talking as much as singing, throughout an infectious snapping beat. The light touches of single keynotes with a sly change-up of chorus slips by without your noticing (unless you pay attention like I do to what Ken always presents). And the slower droplets on the “Becoming the Mountain,” instrumental lulls one into a sense of calm before the NY-based composer, performer, writer and producer kicks things into the highest gear on all of Plains of Inferno with “Heat,” with its  stomping steam beats.

Don’t take it from me (or do) either way, go out and get Plains of Inferno. Once again Ken Fury delivers.

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