Ralph Lands Two Pieces in Darkside Magazine #51

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I have two new pieces in the just released issue #51 of UK’s Darkside Magazine (which you can get here: Darkside Magazine BDSM community)

As much as speaking to camgirl Edenn about all she does and how she does it, I have a longer piece (complete with pictures) of my good friends. Amsterdam-based, synthetic companion maker Robobabez BV.

I first learned all about and from PJ (the CEO of Robobabez) of what it is he does in supplying dolls to his discerning clientele around the world, on my Licking Non-Vanilla podcast. And what I learned was an ear-opener. I only hope my piece here in Darkside will enlighten the curious further…there is so much you might think you know, but you don’t, about ‘sex dolls.’

The wonderful thing about Darkside Magazine is how much I get to explore so many aspects of our intimate world, while also reading (and surely seeing!) all the great stuff the other writers, photographers and mistresses contribute to each issue. I have contributed to quite a few of the magazine’s past issue now and am very proud to see my name, interviews and even fiction featured in the mag.

In the digital world, magazines have had a rocky go of it…especially something as specific as Darkside. I worked for a latex fashion magazine for quite a bit and saw the nearly insurmountable odds we were up against all the time in just trying to get the magazine printed, then distributed. In this ‘new’ era, the good folks at Darkside, and quite a few of the other magazines I write for (some adult in nature, others not) you can as much grab a digital copy of this magazine as have one printed on demand.

And I would surely recommend you get your hands on Darkside #51, no matter how it is you get if. For me, surely (I mean, you have taste don’t you?) as for all the other pages and pages of great naughty fun informative stuff in this issue (as well as all the other Darkside’s before it).

Again, go here to go get Darkside Magazine: https://www.darksidemagazine.com/

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