Well, I Always Loved ‘Land Of The Giants’

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Get up on your Spindrift and follow me into 2024, as macrophilia comes in as tops on the list of fetishes for 2024.

Huh? You ask.

According to this recently published article on the Clips4Sale blog (yeah yeah, I know you never go there), the fetish of a woman tower over man in a giant form, or even a woman having sex with a giant, is looking to be the most searched for fetish on the massive naughty clip site.

Taking the idea of women dominating men to an extreme physical manifestation (yeah yeah, I know you never heard of this) the fantasy here is the giant lass tramples a man, lifts him in her palm (often rendered in a scene as a ‘normal’ sized lady picking up and playing with a doll or talking down from on high to a camera at her feet) or even ingesting her victim (this kink is called vorarephilia or ‘vore’ for short).

Yes, Horatio there are indeed more things in heaven and earth, than are ever dreamt of in your philosophy…or downloaded for ten bucks off of Clips4Sale. As far as the sex scientists who study this kind of thing have been able to figure, there are a bunch of paraphilias (or “recurring or intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, fantasies, behaviors, or individuals”) out there that we naked apes grab on to, more even that we imagine or can than we can shake a rattan cane at.

This is a good thing, of course. We have a pretty complex brain up in our noggins. Why not explore all that interests us? Just as long as we don’t harm anybody along the way to our exploring, right?

So have at your latex, your diapers, your handcuffs and dressing-up as dearly departed Pee Wee Herman. And yes, have at your giant ladies as well.

It seems you all pretty much want to for the New Year.

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