Sines 5 & 10

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Yes, I will always report on, champion, and explore as many out-of-the-way, historical, and otherwise neato spots in New Jersey. But with Pennsylvania and New York so close, I will admit to traveling there and there and occasionally tripping across some finds in these states that rival some of our New Jersey ones.

Up and around this weekend selling and signing the children’s book series I write (yes, I do write more than just naughty stuff) with that series illustrator/creator, our table set down the main street of Quakertown, PA’s bustling town-wide street fair (folks came out even in the pissing rain), I happened on Sines 5 &10 (see here). As you can see from some of these pictures, the place sports a breakfast/lunch counter, and soda fountain, sells toys, hobbies, candies, and crafts, and is pretty much a ‘blast from the past’ of what a five-and-dime store used to look like…and still is

I spoke with one of the current owners, a very nice lady who is part of the brother and sister team who run the store originally opened by their grandfather in…1912!

How cool is that!?

Howard B. Sine began the business at 217 W. Broad St., which is the current site of the Quakertown News Agency. In 1926, Sine purchased the Kinch Bakery property at 236 W. Broad St., building a new store on this site, which he opened on Dec. 4th of, 1926. The store was enlarged six years later.

 In 1976, the owners of Sine’s, family members of Howard B., bought the building next to theirs, adding 3,000 square feet. Dubbed “The Other Side,” this area contained sewing “notions,” yarn, and dry goods in the front, with a room dedicated to Christmas merchandise set in the back, open year-round.

I would venture to guess that where you live, there are a few of these kinds of places still in existence, and as many historical landmarks as possible still open and operating businesses.

All praise to this great U.S.A of ours, New Jersey, and beyond. 

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