Mark Wise: The Fire Within

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N.J.-native Wise, as his press attests, “connects his youth to his current evolution on explosive new release” sharing a “dedicated passion for both genres” (that’s techno and metal), “while mixing them together with care,” on his new EP The Fire Within.

I can’t say he manages all this, only having four of the same song to offer here, but from the tight drums and heavy riffs, big lead, an unrelenting growing, Wise does deliver in his way. Gabriel Borza on guitar, Wazzmo on vocals lend a hand to producer/writer Wise.

As the remixes follow, I’d say I get the point, although most wag on a little long for my tastes. For me the
“The Fire Within (Instrumental Mix),” showcases the best of the tune, with its real heavy guitars, slices, some brilliant drumming beyond the fast beat and that clear-as-a-bell lead once again. Sure, the beat is the same we have heard all throughout “The Fire Within,” on The Fire Within, but the heaving riffing guitar (sans vocal) and metallic pull offs make for what I feel is the best “The Fire Within.”
As you would expect, “The Fire Within (Radio Edit)” is a much shorter version of the song. It ends the EP.

You can find all you need to know about Mark Wise here:

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