Post Death Soundtrack: Veil Lifter

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Like an interrupted radio signal with some layered vocals atop it (vocals we will come to adore by the end of this record) “At The End Of It All (Intro)” rolls into some very cool Casey Lewis drumming to the first real tune here, “The Die Is Cast.” From here on in, one will learn that Post Death Soundtrack’s new and fourth full-length release, Veil Lifter is a grungy thing of beauty.

Jon Ireson and Stephen Moore, the architects behind this Vancouver-based “psychedelic doom grunge duo” are at their best here, sailing in layered guitar lines, Moore exploring the full range of his vocals and pretty much giving forth on a near dozen hard-hitting ditties.

“Icy Underground,” is a long, slow plod in the big modern metal/grunge style. I’m not sure the sections with its over-driven single guitar line—way too high up in the mix for my personal tastes—work all that well on this one. But I like the thickness of things here overall, and the roil and drama of the verses.

As he will often, Moore sounds wonderful singing lead and harmonies.

There’s an insect-like scratching into echo guitar opening to “Arjuna’s Hunting Hand,” then the boys are into a balls-to-the-wall rock popper. Again, here is another great use of the harmony vocals. The chunking bass works for me especially well on this one.

This might also be one of my more favorites on Veil Lifter.

Mid-way we get some sure unrelenting rockers, from “Tide Turns,” showcasing Moore’s vocals, to . This is by fa,r not my usual cup of tea, “Burrowing Down The Spike,” with its extra ‘woody’ sounding strikes to Moore screaming at his fullest on the wonderful “Pin Prick.”

By far, none of this is my particular cup of tea, I am just not a heavy heavy rock guy. But I must say, Post Death Soundtrack could make me a convert, Veil Lifter is surely that good!

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