Punching The Patriarchy

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Well aware of a seed change well before America Ferrera’s famous Barbie monologue, men (and that’s predominantly white hetero men over 40) have been running for cover in the past decade or so. But now we can finally unravel the plot, as yet another crime perpetrated on the patriarchy is disguised to look like an actual assault on our womenfolk.
Across the great expanse of New York City, seemingly random women are getting sucker punched by male assailants in what seems to be unprovoked attacks. Of course, as with any shocking story of supposed unmotivated violence, there is more here to meet the bruised eye, and if one delves deeper into the current cultural zeitgeist one will realize that these street punches are staged assaults to further the male-hating phenomena that has swept the country and culture these past years.
What other reason could there be?
This plan has been in play for decades, well before #MeToo. Before Barbie was even a thought in Greta Gerwig’s mind (when she was a child in fact) taken root over the many decades of the wife-as-mommy sitcom stereotype, the idea that men need to be “trained” by their woman, the “happy wife is a happy life” sing-song quote, how now men in their 20’s are tied to cell phones that their girlfriends and wives–beset with babies well before they are ready to have them–are tracking, and that these same hetero men have been brainwashed into thinking that objectifying women is wrong when it is hot-wired into their DNA.
The actual hand behind these punches won’t be outed, of course. Some men will be caught and take the fall. But we all know the matriarchy is behind this as another way to illustrate how men hate women and are hell-bent on keeping them submissive.
I tell you the plan is afoot, and that foot has been stomping down on men for years.

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