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“Devil’s Best Friend” is a collaboration between Redlight King’s Mark (Kaz) Kasprsyk and Jeremy Edge. It makes a stylistic departure for them both as a groovy fuzz laden, delta blues inspired stomp.

“The song is really about being drawn to someone who’s not good for you and instead of removing yourself from a toxic situation you only dig yourself deeper in. As for the down and dirty blues rock vibe, we’ve been tight with Jeremy for over a decade and it only made sense to do a collab.” -Mark (Kaz) Kasprsyk

“I first met Kaz and Julian from Redlight King in 2011 playing shows together on the same bill. Then we shared a bus in 2012’s Uproar tour and after doing more shows after that, we’ve stayed in touch ever since. We figured it was finally time to do a proper collaboration. Kaz and I wanted to do something fun and something that was stylistically different from our own projects. It’s a totally different vibe.” – Jeremy Edge

“The Devil’s Best Friend “ is basically about a difficult person and a warning to steer clear from them. Kaz started with the original guitar riff and vocal hook and it just exploded from there. We both finished the lyrics and traded vocals with me doing the lead guitar work and him laying down the rhythms. It was a lot of fun creating this and hopefully there will be more to come!” – Jeremy Edge

The single arrives on all streaming platforms on Feb 14th.
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