The Gospel Of Getting Free

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Indie Americana singer/songwriter Lara Taubman claims her new The Gospel Of Getting Free album “has been like a ship on which I can finally sail home.” With the last of a trio of albums she has released Taubman claims she has surfed personal trauma and what we get here on these ten tunes, surely showcases an artist standing strong and hopeful. 

A delightfully shimmery character study called “Home At Last,” begins the listener’s journey here, and it’s answered by a second tune, “The Siren,” which pushes ahead mostly with a low rumbly feel of an acoustic guitar.

As is apparent from these first two, Taubman as much has good control of how she sings as well as that she sings as she does a good ear for how she wants these tunes, two quite different from the jump here, to sound.

This is the groundwork for the rest of The Gospel Of Getting Free.

What follows is the lady allowing for the release of some slight honky-tonk piano stuff on “A Reason I Was Born,” a smart layering of instruments and playing with both talking and singing the story, as well as Taubman playing well with her vocal range on “The Odyssey,” some good solid rockin’ on “Sugar,” a song where Taubman really sounds sexy, “Love Is The Rule,’ bringing the album’s theme to the fore and the title track, second to last tune in. This melancholy character study again showcases Taubman’s fine voice and smart production.

A positively Helen Reddy-ish read paints over the last tune, and another rocker, “Sing Your Song,” and we are out and through with Taubman as she gives us her new gospel on life.

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