Juggling At The Quick Check: I Just Want My Bag Back

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Ok, can we stop with this stupidity?  How much longer do I have to juggle items in my arms when leaving Quick Check (like I did this morning) because, once again, I forgot to bring a bag into the store? Come on already, there have been an amazing number of reports released recently on how the NJ bag ban did not see the conservationist results in the people who were pro the ban had hoped…not by a long shot.

It’s just like the fallacy over the true effectiveness of recycling.
Haven’t we learned?

While this inconveniencing me at the convenience store stretches far into all levels of the modern conservation movement—protecting endangered species, the global warming question, switching over to electric cars—I’m pretty much sick and tired of having to pay for my humanness. As the dominant species on the planet, we are supposed to take, use, and emit for the limited time we are here. The results of this, we will feel, we will combat (if we can) and we will deal with. The planet? The planet will be fine. It has existed for many years before us and will, as George Carlin famously said, ‘shake us off’ when we are gone (which, by all accounts, will not be too long in coming).

And this is the way it is folks, the way it should be, the way we can’t change. How arrogant are we to think separating our cans from our bottles is going to make a difference or keep me from being provided a bag at my Allwood, Clifton NJ Market Street (yeah, I named them, so there!) Quick Check store will stop our inevitable species’ demise?

Sure, I’d rather a few bald eagles stick around; they are kind neat to look at. But if I am starving, and they are the only food source…sorry, I’m chowing down. In fact, if you told me they were suddenly on the menu at the local Cracker Barrel, I might give one a try.
Like the rest of you, I want what I want. I do not want to be inconvenienced. And even though I know writing this might have me come across like a slug, ironically, I am better, I feel, than most people in inserting myself into others. I don’t keep my cell out between a friend and me when sitting at dinner, nor would I ever think to answer a text while working the register at the Quick Check (yes, the one on Market Street, in Allwood, Clifton NJ). I hold doors open for folks, offer a hearty hello to anyone’s eye I happen to catch when out and about, and don’t ride anybody’s bumper.

Yes, I am pretty much more evolved than most of my fellow human slugs.

So, I am doing my part in that I am civil, and kind, and go out of my way to be so. And yes, I will throw trash away in the proper receptacle, I’ll even do my best to separate the garbage, even for the little effect I feel it has. But me thinking I can affect the plight of some bird in the rain forest, or the rain forest overall? Caring a wit or whistle over who does or does not get elected? Thinking I have a say in the abortion debate when I am not, nor have ever been, nor will ever be, preggers?

Really, just give me my bag, man

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