NJ Proudly Acting Like Pigs

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The Northern New Jersey State Fair is happening yet again in the Meadowlands, from 6/22-to-7/9. And once again the organizers are calling us all pigs.

And we New Jersians revel in the title.

In addition to the rides, contests, magic and high wire acts from Pirates Of The Columbian Caribbean, lots of fair food staples, and concerts, the fair also, once again, features pig racing, as well as plenty of ‘pig’ to eat in the way of ribs, etc. This is why you’ll find big billboards on our highways presently calling is New Jersians pigs, prompting us to be pigs, welcoming all the grand great pigdom to come upon us for the next few weeks.

Which fits us New Jersians perfectly. We are proud pigs, in the very best sense of the word. We like to indulge. We like garish colors. We like wacky styles.We are proud to declare some surely unhealthy foods as being not only created in our fair state, but improved upon yearly. We love our Jersey Shore show and Real Housewives, arguably some of the worst/best television ever seen. We like our complete f u attitude. We revel in the differences only we can detect between those of us who live in the northern part of the state, to those in the south, and those far west and east. We are loud, opinionated, as quick to anger as love.

Go here to find the details about the fair: State Fair Meadowlands – June 22nd – July 9th, 2023 (njfair.com)

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