What’s With All This Great Serial Killer Hair?

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Enigmatic, surely pretty wacky, certainly murderous, yet quite smart, Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski has died at the age of 81.
The Harvard-educated mathematician who built bombs in his ramshackle shack (although, by definition, all shacks are usually pretty ramshackle) in the Montana wilderness held the U.S. in thrall for nearly two decades as he engaged in a bombing campaign that killed three people and injured 23 others. The “Unabomber” was undoubtedly an infamous criminal and one we probably will never ultimately figure out, even with the interviews and the famous manifesto Kaczynski has left us.
But what’s more important to the man’s murderous legacy is how he fits into the pantheon of many other famous serial killers who sported such great hair.
From Ted Bundy to Charlie “wild-peepers” Manson (when he wasn’t shaving his head) to even old Ed Gein, who inspired Norman Bates, serial killers often have some of the most fantastic thick heads of hair, well into their older ages. Granted, the state killed some of them before they got too old, and not too many save Bundy really cared all that much for any kind of genuine style, but boy, did these guys have locks anybody would have been envious of!
In this blog, the author lists her “23 Physical Abnormalities of Serial Killers,” and among the many physical similarities found across the population of these individuals are as much their large heads, malformed or asymmetrical ears, and as the author states, “Electric wire hair that won’t comb down.”
What’s the connection between murderous tendencies and hirsutism? Surely not enough research has been conducted in this field to make a learned assessment, but it boggles the mind to consider what we might learn and how we might could be well altered to someone who needs a comb.

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