Fire In The Hole…Maybe

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As I write this New Jersey is being beset by the remnants of wildfires from Canada. It seems since last month wildfires from near Quebec have been burning and presently New Jersey is being hit with some seemingly dangerous air quality because of them. At risk persons, or what alerts call “sensitive groups,” are being cautioned to stay inside or wear masks when risking outside exposure. The air is smokey for sure and the winds are rising; things sure seem scary.

But, wearing masks? Staying indoors?

Sound familiar?

They really couldn’t get us all too scared about monkey pox; God knows they tried though. And pretty much all variants of the VID have lost their potency. These wildfires then are perfect to jolt a little fear back into our lives. It is visible, its effects incalculable to the layman, and makes great news and even better pictures (see the one I attached here).

These fires arrived just in time. Coincidence? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

As the narrative shifts and even the most stalwart believers of diseases, champions of quarantines, and those who work hard to make our children even dumber than public education was well on the way to making them back before March of 2020 begin to question what they were told about the pandemic, we were due a new scare. Even if it only lasts for a few days, a good old scratchy throat and some burning eyes are a good reminder that the world is a scary place and we need to listen to our politicians and doctors in the face of logic and cower, cower, cower.

It really is what we do best.

I venture to guess some folks will get sick from the sucky air, still others will claim they did but never truly were, but most will go on, as we they did during the VID, as we will pretty much until civilization implodes (which, given how stupid we have been lately, is probably not so far off) none the worse for wear. But man, we do like to worry, don’t we? We like to rely on pesky government agencies with three-letter titles, and ‘news’ journalists and medical pros who, in the end, have no more of a clue than any of us do on what’s really happening at any given second of the day.

Enjoy your fires folks, it won’t be the last one we’ll be putting out, that’s for sure.

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