3rd Times A Charm

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*Warning, adult links below.

Once again, my good buddy Bruce Friedman had me as his guest on his podcast Adult Site Broker Talk…for a 3rd time! I am thrilled to be on the latest show Adult Site Broker Talk – Interviewing the Most Successful Adult Entertainment Entrepreneurs.

M. Christian and I had Bruce on our “Licking Non-Vanilla” podcast (episode #35, go here to hear it) and will have him on again (promise). In the meantime Bruce managed to sneak me onto to ASBT again (3rd time lucky, as I mentioned up above) and as we had the first time, we had a fantastic jaw.

Bruce and I discuss my new Writing Dirty Words book, working with Angel Ackerman of Phoenix Parisian Publishing (who published WDW) the latest in the adult industry (from my ill-informed POV) what I do in children’s lit (and the books I have also had published through PPP), teaching at kink conventions, the perception of those of us who work in the adult industry, if I prefer fiction over non-fiction, the ills of social media, ‘cancelling,’ and being a recording musician.

He even asks me for some specific writing advice from my book and I do give a forth a few tidbits.
You can most probably realize that I so dig Bruce and his show, as I wouldn’t be on otherwise. As the co-host of our podcast and generally somebody who is much more interested in learning about people than ever talking about myself, being interviewed is not something I seek or am really very comfortable with. But Bruce has always made me feel so very welcomed, is a great listener, asks wonderful questions and for the three times I have been on his show and the one he has been on ours (again go here to hear his episode #35), we get along famously.

Thanks Bruce, it was, as always, a very good time.

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