Britney Baby, Please Pick Up Your Panties

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It’s less the knives or even the bizarre dancing (which we have certainly seen before) of Britney Spears’ latest video posts that worries me. No, it’s more a question of, why the hell doesn’t she pull up her bikini bottoms? 

While these videos and lots of what Britney has gotten into, and surely posted lately, continue to fuel questions of her competency (the police arrived at her door during a ‘welfare check’ after one of her recent knife masturbatory escapades) and broaches the larger question of what a private citizen should be able to get into in their home without being bothered (a significant consideration to my mind given the Orwellian state we seem to be living in). For me, when viewing these videos of the pop star cavorting across her tile floor, I instantly think, ‘Hey, Brit, if you want to expose your hey nanner-nanner (something most of the public has seen already) go ahead. But this look is just kinda stripper sloppy, doncha think?’

Even a blind man would see the marketing genius in premiering Britney dancing in a schoolgirl outfit in her break-out “Baby One More Time video). And we all know, it is pretty much understood to be de rigueur to have our pop divas sold to the public with a certain amount of sexuality attached to what they do, even as they slip out of their 30s, even their 40s. But as has been made clear by the actions, postings, and often by their couture choices and surgeries, the Madonna’s, Mariah’s Cary’s, and surely our dear sweet Britney find it harder and harder to keep their pop edge popularity the older they get. Views get skewed, sensibilities hampered, and I guess wearing one’s bikini bottom as low as possible without complete exposure is somebody’s idea of a good look.

For me this fashion statement is more worrisome than the knives and ask anybody….I’m no fashionista!

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