The Erotic Heritage Museum…and Me

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You know, by now (if really there is anybody reading these missives; I really don’t know) but if there has been anybody keeping up with my scribbling life (God knows, I barely do, really) I try to get around. As my great friend, fellow writer and podcast host M. Christian and I say all the time: we are hacks. We go where the work is. We don’t muse around waiting for the muse. Therefore, I find myself writing lots of stuff for lots of reason and with lots of clients.

One of my clients is The Erotic Heritage Museum. Through a long series of events, that span quite a few years, I worked for the museum first in one capacity, now I do so in another and along the way, not only visiting the place a few times (and once with the aformentioned M. Christian) I have come to count the place’s director as a friend (it’s great when these kind of relationships can grow from professional ones).

So, all that has come and as you will read, keeps coming via my connection with the EHM is just fabulous.

Now, once again, the EHM has agreed to sell/display one of my books in their spacious lobby. This is the area of the two-story massive sex-positive museum that is as much a learning space/exhibit hall/gallery and sports a theatre, where they sell all kinds of ephemera, cool tee’s, posters, and yes, books. I am proud to have my most recent Writing Dirty Words: The not-so-sexy hustle of making a living writing-and the occasional crack of the whip book in the lobby (and if you look a little closer at the pic here, under my dirty words book is one of the other books I still have at the EHM, a book I put out a few years ago called “Dating While Intexticating”…which I feel truly needs an update!).

So, run over to 3275 S. Sammy Davis Junior Drive (a block off the strip) and buy a copy of my latest, and then buy a ticket and take a long walk through all that the Erotic Heritage Museum has on offer.

Thank you, once again, EHM!

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