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Never let it be said that I lead you anywhere you don’t want to go. From reading around the ‘Ralph stuff’ section of this website, you have probably figured that I have my writing pen in a few places. One of which, is, yes, adult material. But I try to keep things discreet and if I come to tell you about some new naughty book I have penned or want to hip you to this or that piece of salacious art, I damn well try to do it in a way where I am not flashing it in your face or might make you uncomfortable if you just happened across this website and into a blog or two where I might be mentioning something surely to the left of mainstream.

So, I gently titled this blog, about a new episode of my podcast up presently.

I co-host a show called Licking Non-Vanilla, with my good friend and fellow writer M. Christian. You can find the show here, here and here, (just a few places it airs) but I warn you it is for folks over 18 and it can be more than a little naughty. Always fun, surely sex-positive, and sometimes even geeky, as Chris and I are stone cold science-fiction guys and love to talk about old T.V, shows, books and movies. Again, only slip over to the links if you like salacious fun stuff.

Now, all that said, Chris and I did have a great jaw with UK model/actress Ariel Anderssen (yes that’s Ariel in the pic up above). That talk is up on the new episode, our 48th, with a title I have hinted at above, but I shan’t prick you with unless you want to go to the episode and prick yourself. (yes, ‘prick’ that was a pun intended; hey, I gotta have some fun!). The talk we had with Ariel was fantastic, and we go over her 20+ career, plus her new book Playing to Lose: How a Jehovah’s Witness Became a Submissive BDSM Model (which you can find here).

And you can find more about Ariel here:

her Twitter: Ariel Anderssen ❤️MV Sub of the Year❤️ (@ArielAnderssen) / X (

Her Youtube channel: Ariel’sTwilightYears – YouTube

And new interview Ariel did for UK’s biggest newspaper:

From Jehovah’s Witness to bondage model: Ariel Anderssen had a sheltered upbringing in Sussex before her career took an unlikely turn | Daily Mail Online

Anyway, this is a show I am especially proud of, our guest is fantastic, and the subject, while surely niche naughty is very fun. But, you didn’t hear it from me.

Hywel Phillips/Restrained Elegance

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