Monstrous Femme Is Among Us

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What could surely be taken as the title for some new scary Halloween movie release, Monstrous Femme, has just been released on the world. MF magazine and website (see here) launched this past weekend, and I have a story in the first issue. A self-described “horror magazine and podcast by women and queer people, for women and queer people,” where one can “unleash your inner monster,” I read their open call for stuff a mere few months ago (I don’t think it was much more than a mere month) and sent my story “A Cool Halloween Brew” which you can read in the magazine (go here).

Only 18+, please.

The stories, reviews, and essays in Monstrous Femme indeed delve deep to entice, arouse, and inform, with ladies usually at the forefront in some way or another. This first issue is chock-full of top-notch artwork and a score of imaginative settings, characters, and ideas (and I am not just talking about my story).

I love coming across new publications, whether online or in print form, no matter what kind of writing they contain. That Monstrous Femme is indeed ‘alternative’ in the very best sense of the word (as MF says itself, “Our goal is to publish fiction and creative nonfiction that pushes boundaries and challenges norms: strange stories and nightmarish narratives that tell the tales of complicated, multi-faceted, occasionally monstrous female and/or LGBTQIA+ people,”) had the obvious good taste to publish me (haha) and displays a sure strong raison d’être as well as some clearly talented writers, makes it a very strong addition to all that we can come across online presently.

I am hoping for so many more from the good people at Monstrous Femme. For now, enjoy this grouping of twenty-three delightful reads as a special All Hallow’s treat and the beginning of what I know will be glorious releases from this group. They also run a podcast (which you can find here) where they “have unfiltered conversations about the horror genre, the roles of women and queer people within it, and all things witchy and bitchy.”

And lastly, the powers-that-be here call out, “All horror whores are welcome to tag along.” So please do tag…and tell them I sent you.

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