Saving Our Kids With A Curfew?

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Newark has just passed a curfew that anyone under the age of 18 in the city needs to be indoors by 11 pm.

So, the crime perpetrated by and to youngsters…will just happen earlier and be better seen.

It’s nice to think that this part of the statement released by the powers-that-be about the curfew could be true in some way, that the new law is implemented to “reduce the opportunity for children to become crime victims or to become unwittingly engaged in criminal activities.” But let’s face it, as much as politicians don’t care about our children, the youth of today, in Newark, Paramus, anyplace in New Jersey or beyond, is such a foul bunch of miscreants, it’s not so much that a curfew law could ever “reduce the opportunity” for kids to be victimized or being “unwitting” (and unwitting…who are we kidding here?) “engaged in crimes” than that we just simply want to make sure that those crimes will happen at a decent hour.

At least during the summer months, cops and witnesses might be better able to see which of the rug rats did the deed.

To be sure, this isn’t the first time that the city of Newark has implemented a curfew. The city and quite a few others have attempted annual summer curfews in the past, and this time, like many others a curfew has been enforced (and ‘enforced,’ to no fault of the police, is a subjective word at best when it comes to these kinds of laws), is inviting its sure share of pro and con.

But there is no way a curfew will ever be, nor was it ‘re-implemented’ to save our younger wasted youth from crimes they are honor bound to commit.

We just get to watch them more clearly now.

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