U.S.-Based Echo City Capers Publishes in the UK

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Self-published P.A./N.J.-based Children’s Book Series Lands UK publisher

EASTON P.A./CLIFTON, N.J.-“Too Many Bunnies,” an all-color, 28-page children’s book, first self-published by the book’s creators in the U.S., has found a UK publisher. Dancing Unicorn, the children’s book division of Purple Unicorn Media publishes books for children aged 0 to young teenagers. Based in Swansea, Wales,the company has made “Too Many Bunnies,” its first release of 2023.

“Too Many Bunnies” is illustrated by Joe Swartcz, who lives in Easton, P.A., and writer Ralph Greco, Jr., born, bred, and still living in Clifton, New Jersey. The book, part of Swarctz and Greco’s self-published Echo City Capers children’s book series, is the first for the duo to be published in the U.K. Greco and Swarctz have managed to create sixteen books in five years, featuring their slapstick-y characters, and the fanciful setting of “A city that never sleeps…but takes a nap once in a while.” The pair sell their self-published titles at local comic conventions, fairs, and elementary school events, has had their characters featured in a magazine in India, in a co-produced YA novel from Canada, in a score or original songs the duo has written and produced about the books

“To have something of ours released ‘across the pond’ is a thrill,” Greco said. “We have so much respect for Purple Unicorn and the CEO there, Jon Davies; we couldn’t be happier being part of the team!” 

Swarctz added: It’s an exciting time for Echo City Capers. It’s been a privilege to work with Purple Unicorn and Dancing Unicorn. As they say in the UK; Cheers!” 

Purple Unicorn’s CEO Davies adds, “Purple Unicorn Media is honored to have one of Echo City Capers’ picture books published as the first book of 2023 for the Dancing Unicorn imprint. We hope this is the start of a long and fruitful relationship and that the Bunnies run rampant with the imaginations of British children, as they have with their American counterparts.”

“Too Many Bunnies” is available at https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1915692008


Joe Swarctz and Ralph Greco, r. work and live in the United States and have self-published sixteen Echo City children’s books, from full-color stories for toddlers (of which “Bunnies” is one), to middle-reader episodic tales to YA graphic novels, to activity books. In addition to producing the books, Greco and Swartcz present live draw-along/sing-along events featuring the characters and songs written around their books. The pair enjoy recurring visits to elementary schools in the P.A./N.J. area, comic conventions, holiday events, privately-owned kid’s bookstores, events with the Girl Scouts of the USA, and seasonal performances at The Crayola Experience in Easton, P.A.

Ralph & Joe met in Clifton High School in the late ’70s, began a fast friendship, played in local bands, and generally ‘hung out’ throughout their 20’s. Losing touch for 25 years, they reconnected five years ago and began their Echo City publishing concern.

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