Watch Your Donuts

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One needs to be careful these days what one puts in one’s mouth (‘That’s what she said?’). I don’t just mean looking out for preservatives or watching your diet, surely all things those folks wanting to maintain good health should be doing. No, in the case below, one needs to be digging ever deeper into what they might not be really getting in their foods, although advertisements say otherwise.

off Dunkin’ doughnuts as its own.

Cindysnacks, a vegan market located in Huntington, Long Island, posted an interesting find on their Instagram account just recently. The market’s owner, John Stengel, posted a photo and comments on a recent donut delivery where it appeared that there were D-shaped sprinkles across one of the donuts in the box he received. Knowing something of Dunkin’ Donuts’ (yes, I know they officially changed their name to just Dunkin,’ but just go with me here, ok?) proclivity to this kind of sprinkling, Stengel posted his find on social media. Why? Well, he had placed his donut order with the Savory Fig bakery in Patchogue, L.I., a bakery that claims to produce vegan, gluten-free, homemade goodies.
Folks who suffer from celiac disease attempting to stay gluten-free or those following strict vegan diets won’t do well ingesting mist Dunkin’ stuff….no offense to D.D. Even for people without these two concerns, if the Savory Fig is passing off donuts made someplace else, be it from Dunkin’, Krispy Kreme, or anyplace else lying about their products, when the Fig surely claims that they are producing homemade goods.

The investigation into Donut-gate (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) has begun by both The Division of Food Safety and Inspection Department of New York and the Suffolk County Department of Health.

The above falls well into the “Just because they say it, doesn’t mean it’s true,” warning I have been screaming for years (well, at least screaming in my head). From our supposed ‘news’ media, local politicians, scientists, teachers, boss, sisters and brothers, lovers and surely the government, we could all do well questioning everything we hear (even this silly little rant). Seeing how information is disseminated so quickly these days, free from any trusty worthy ombudsman or knowledgeable critic, and countering or questioning of popular opinion is all too quickly labeled as just having to be against the latest cause, inquiry is a lost art that too many of us think we don’t have the time for, because we have to answer our latest tweet or Facebook prompt.

Question everything, at all times, do not go gentle into that good night and please, check your donuts, hole and all. Who knows what you might be getting?

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