The Return of The Dairy Queen Cherry-Dipped Cone

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And here, you didn’t believe in miracles…

It was a full year of mourning for those of us who enjoyed the singular sensation of the ever-popular Dairy Queen Cherry Dipped Cone. In some sort of twisted corporate wisdom, the ice cream retailer simply pulled the hard red candy-wax-like plastic coating from locations, and customers cried foul. Now it seems the company has come to its senses to overturn policy and bring back the CDC.

“We know our fans love the Cherry Dipped Cone, and we’re excited to bring this sweet offering back for a limited time at participating locations,” Dairy Queen said in a statement. “We are always innovating our menus to showcase delicious new and fan-favorite flavors for our iconic dipped cone. Fans can keep an eye on our social channels for the latest and greatest on all DQ flavor and product offerings.”

I was going to throw this news into our “Just Jersey” category, but then I realized I have to be fair to the rest of the country; Dairy Queens exist beyond just Jersey And while there are fewer DQ’s in my area than there used to be (the picture below is of the one my family and I would go to as a kid in North Arlington, NJ with my mom, pop and sister) and their menus items have changed (beyond the b.s. they tried here with the cherry dip) I’d attest that DQ is still pretty good. And if you get the chance to visit one of their locations that is a DQ/Brazier, you might be surprised at how great a burger they can cook for you.

But bringing back the Cherry Dipped Cone, restores my faith in humanity, makes the sunshine a little brighter and gets my belly grumbling as much for my youth as to go out as soon as I can and grab one of those cones where you crunch off what really looks and feels like red plastic to cool your tongue on whatever soft ice cream you asked for underneath.

Thank you DQ! I have a reason to live.

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