Open The Portals!

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The Guardian is back open. We can now go in and maybe keep Edith Keeler from her fate.

As I just reported here: Naughtiness At The Portal…But, Is Anybody Surprised? – FU I’m from Jersey ( the Portals art installation, 24-7 live stream between New York and Dublin, closed last week.

It has now been reopened.

Shut down just about a week after it opened due to some folks, from both sides, engaging in what was called ‘inappropriate behavior,” which, in my blog up above, I wrote, none of us should have been surprised happened, some sure security changes have now been put into place to keep the communicating, such as it is, G-rated:

  • In what organizers call a “proximity-based solution,” the screen on both sides will be blurred if someone steps on the portal and obstructs the camera.
  • The New York side will continue its on-site security during hours of operation.
  • New York has also added more fencing to their portal area with more fencing and signage also in place.
  • Guardrails have been placed around the portal…for what reason, I am not sure, but they are there all the same.
  • The connection will now only be live from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“As humans we are creating the Portals experience together,” artist and founder Benediktas Gylys said—although I am not sure whomever other than humans could have created the Portals—and that he invites “local communities not only to enjoy but to care about their Portals and how other community members are approaching the sculptures.”

I’m not sure how much we really need to care here, but keeping things clean and friendly seems to be the only way to keep the connection open. So go forth, my Irish sisters and brothers, as well as you, all of us closer to New York…and play nice.

As humans.

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