Ralph’s New Book: A Few Wild Beasts to be Dreaded

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So, here my new sci-fi short story collection: A Few Wild Beasts to be Dreaded: Greco Jr., Ralph: 9781915692085: Amazon.com: Books.

This book is published by the same publisher (although from a different division of that publisher) that has now published two of my children’s books, the Scimitar Edge, publishing imprint of Purple Unicorn Media.

When it comes to fiction, I am primarily a short fiction writer. I either do not have the skills or patience (or both) for a longer form story, a novel even. So, I scribble off little stories in akin to what Harlan Ellison/Robert Sheckley/Kurt Vonnegut/Ray Bradbury wrote. Surely, my stuff doesn’t even touch the hem on the golden garments of these great authors, but I give it the old college try penning sometimes satirical, sometimes naughty, often fantastic fictions…which is what A Few Wild beasts to be Dreaded (a title taken from a quote by Jonathan Swift, another of my faves) contains.

Traipsing across lots of different kinds of erotica and other kinds of naughty writing as I do to make my daily bread, and the music making I make when I make it, I as much enjoy getting my one-acts plays out into the world as my science fiction shorts. “Beasts,” sporting a cover by my buddy, illustrator and partner in the Echo City Capers children’s series, Joe Swarctz, stands as the latest collection of some of my latest short stories and ones I am very proud of.

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