Ralph Contributes to ‘Paperlate’ in issue #138 of UK’s PROG Magazine

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In yet another show of amazing taste, the powers-that-be of UK’s venerable, and quite fantastic, PROG magazine, have allowed me to contribute to their opinion-piece Paperlate, column. In my “Pink Floyd’s Endless River…Of Bile,” I give forth on some recent opinions ex-Floyd lyricist/bassist/vocalist/songwriter Roger Waters said of his fellow Floyd bandmates, none too nice, actually…and of which I disagree.

This is my third time issuing forth my view in PROG, and as I do with www.vintagerock.com, I am thrilled to death somebody thinks enough of my opinion on matters to do with ‘older’ music (and progressive roc kat that!) to allow me a forum. It’s also super peachy for me to see my words in print well ‘across the pond’ from my New Jersey home.

So, thank you PROG.

For those of you not familiar with progressive rock, and surely the music made in this genre from my most favorite decade of–well, just about everything, the 1970’s–I can state there is a lot to enjoy. Sure, I am slightly biased towards heavy keyboard-laden tunes, long passages of complex instrumentals, space-opera-themed lyrics and concept albums. But man do I love, LOVE this stuff.

I just caught Rick Wakeman in a solo show in P.A. A sure icon of progressive rock music, as the ex-Yes, always affable, fleeting-fingered ‘Caped Crusader’ ran through some new stuff as well as older, I was reminded of not only how much I love Mr. Wakeman’s output from the 70s, but how much I love ‘prog’ music in general.

If you are a fan, or want to learn a little bit about music you don’t know (or simply want to pick up a great magazine) check out PROG at your local Barnes & Noble bookstore or go here: Prog | Louder (loudersound.com)

You really don’t want to be left on the dark side of the moon here, when it comes to all this great music.

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